Making the Most Out of Your Child's Education

Early Literacy And Preschools: Take The Learning Home

Preschools provide young children with the first step towards early literacy development. Whether it's by reading books to the class, helping the kids to write their first letters or just through plenty of conversations, your child's pre-k program is building a foundation for later school success. But the learning doesn't have to stop when your child walks out the school's door. You can continue your child's early literacy education at home, during the post-preschool hours. Read More 

Competitive Swim Teams: The Road To Success

Competitive swim teams are on your mind. Your child has always seemed more like a fish to you, and you're sure that she'd enjoy the thrill of victory. But she's still young. And you're not sure where to start. If you're considering helping your child to enter the world of competitive swimming, understanding the how's and why's is one of the first steps in the process. Before you make any major decisions, take a look at how you can help your child to start her swimming journey and why being on a team has boundless benefits. Read More 

Enrolling Your ADHD Child In Preschool: 10 Important Ways To Succeed In The New And Challenging Environment

Daycare is a big step for any child, but when your little one has ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, you have special concerns unique for you and your family. With approximately 6.4 million children diagnosed with this often overwhelming condition, though, daycare centers across the country are becoming more adept at addressing it. Still, both you and your child are facing some interesting challenges as you approach the first day of school at daycare. Read More 

Are You Ready To Get More Personal Time Away From Your Child?

Even though you might love your child more than life itself, you will probably also admit that sometimes you simply need time for yourself. From planning time at home where you can have some personal space to enrolling your child in a daycare program, here are some ideas that might help you to get more personal time away from your little one. Early Mornings At Home -  Is there any way you could make yourself get up a bit earlier in the mornings? Read More 

Skills To Teach Your Child To Ready Them For Preschool

Your child is growing up quickly, and although they will be taught at school, there are things you should also be teaching at home. Your child can learn a lot from you at home and there are teaching opportunities in each and every day, whether it's on a walk around the block or on the drive to the grocery store. There are a number of ways to teach your child to help prepare them for preschool and beyond. Read More 

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Making the Most Out of Your Child's Education

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Preschools provide young children with the first s